Handeling Data Systems Like It's Our Job. Because it is.
Knowing the speed and reliablity that it takes to run your business.
Customer Service that will get your attention.

ICS Voice and Data Systems is a professional data cabling and security camera provider based in Northern New Jersey. We provide cutting edge technology, and have the experience it takes to provide expertise to every client we serve.

Do Your Phones Play Music While You Wait?

Network Cabling

We Do Wires.

At ICS Voice and Data, we know the proper ways of installation because we know that cable is the backbone of your network.

Phone Systems

We Connect The World.

Whether you’re searching for a small traditional phone system or looking for an upgraded to a cutting edge VoIP system, we specialize in helping New Jersey and New York City businesses connect to the world.

Security Cameras

Eyes Behind You.

ICS is a leader in the design and installation of digital and IP surveillance systems. We have been designing and installing CCTV systems for over 10 years.